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Me + Archway of an Andalusian Wall

So I just finished one of the crappiest smut novels I’ve ever had the misfortune of reading. It was one of those hasty purchases in the Airport Bookstore. Mistake. It is called Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress by Elizabeth Boyle (I know, I should have known from the title, but it was the only historical romance I could find). Which is another point, some authors just set a book during 18th century England and then categorize it as “historical romance”. Wrong. You gotta pick those suckers out carefully. So I just read it as fast as I could hoping it would get better…. But then it ended up me reading it as fast as I could so it would end. But yes, for all you smut readers out there…. Do yourself a favor and AVOID.


Schedule for the Day

7:30-8:30 Breakfast at Hotel

9:00-10:30 Survival Arabic I

11:30-12:30 Lunch at CCCL

2:00-3:00 Monarchy and the Political System in Morocco, Abdelhay

3:00-4:30 Current issues in Morocco, Abdelhay

4:30-6:00 Info-fair postings and presentation and Debriefing the Bargaining exercise, Nabil

6:30-7:30 Dinner at CCCL

Woo internet is waaaaaaaaaaaay unreliable… and well, greatly crazy here. Nuff said.

So today was… so-so? I mean I had a great time, but there were mos def some ups and downs. I was tired this morning but not that bad. I think half of being tired is psychological. So last night I couldn’t really sleep so I just read like ¾ of that really crappy smut novel. So it must have been like 3-4-5? Either way, I just didn’t look at the clock and in the morning didn’t feel so bad. Just had some qahwaa wa haleeb (coffee with milk). I even ordered it in Arabic and they totally understood. Woo.

The hotel serves us breakfast every morning. It is really nice and like buffet style (just better food). But it is definitely not okay to serve yourself. Which I keep forgetting. Apparently that is the way everywhere. It’s a lil disconcerting. And to be honest I am not sure I want to get used to it. I mean I already feel out of place because I am thought to be this rich American living for the week in this expensive hotel right in the center of Rabat. But I’m not a rich American. I am privileged, in so many ways, but the very open acts of class differentials disconcert me. Like for instance, in our room, everyday someone comes in and cleans up and folds the bed. So me and my roommates had our clothes and pajamas on the bed and come back to find them folded. I know that this is apparently common, but still. It makes me uncomfortable. So today I just pushed my extra clothes and pajamas under the bed. Just some observations. I don’t really have much substantial experience or understanding of this yet, but I’ve noticed it and it makes me think about as much as it makes me feel uncomfortable.

The SIT program or CCCL is a little… I guess disorganized (ehem, frustrating?) would be the word, but more, failing at conveying all information. Just a little theme they have going on (Amazing program, I love it, but all programs have their downsides (just like people) and this seems to be theirs). I noticed many of the other students feeling a discontent with orientation as well, so that is a lil validating. Becca and I were talking about it today when we were walking down to the medina. And I think in many ways, Americans in general, rebel against having so little choice. If multiple days from morning until evening are completely planned with no real say or feelings of choice in terms of doing what they prefer or would like or need to do…. Well people get tired of it extremely quickly. Even the people that plan every minute of every day meticulously…. The difference is that they planned it, or had the illusion of choice in planning and negotiating the time and space in their day. I think I just feel this discontent sooner because I really value my ability to have a small measure, or even the illusion, of choice in my actions and daily life. So yes, many people skipped dinner, which seems to be an expression of independence and a claiming of choice. I myself had plans to skip except I was already there (and Rashim the cook would have been sad)…. And the meal was actually hot.

My first hot meal since I have arrived. I realize in America I really take for granted how many hot or warm meals I have. Apparently it is something I really like, because I’ve really been missing it.

Also missing chocolate. I’ve been craving it for a couple days. So today I bought it off a street vendor, pretty cheap I guess, but I was chocolate and that is all I was looking for. Success.

Today we learned a little darija which was good. I actually used it in this really neat street we found off the main souks in Rabat. I really would like to go back… and I will. I think this might be the street I make the majority of my purchases. 🙂 Also. There was this super cute kitten (animal protection/humane societies/feelings/laws/etc seem to not exist here) near the street. Heart stolen. Also I found this really awesome hand of Fatima doorknocker. Weird I know, but I think I will get it. LOL.

I tried to find time all day to get a cell phone but the orientation just doesn’t allow much time. Although in between one class I did get to exchange my American money (woo), buy a daftaar (notebook), and a phone card with minutes for the cell phone I still do not have. LOL, it seems that is the plan for lunch tomorrow.

Mohammed Avenue V. Woo… central street, a lot of stores (do not put the same idea of an American store in your head when I say store…. Gas station stores (the sketchy tiny ones) are way larger than most of the “stores” near Mohammed Avenue V), and a great landmark, especially if you get lost. Which I have not yet, thank goodness for a great sense of direction and an eye for land and street markers.

It rained a lot this evening when we had to walk home (we got a bit soaked). Rabat seems scarier in the dark and rain for some reason. Fo sho. Either way, that has pretty much curtailed any nightclub plans. So I’m not really sure what I am going to do…. It is almost eleven-thirty pm anyways… so I might either watch a movie or maybe go to bed early… mmm bed. Okay then, I suppose I will get on to that.

Oh, and we meet our host families tomorrow.  Yay?  Or Yikes?  LOL, ??????????????????

 Bsalama, world.


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  1. kt sunshine said,

    February 3, 2010 at 11:29 pm

    Ruv you!

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