Waaha = Okay

This is the view from my class. Yeah.

Schedule for Today

8:00-9:00 Breakfast at Hotel

9:30-11:00 Moroccan History, Lachen

11:00-12:30 Moroccan 101, Abdelhay

12:30-1:30 Lunch at CCCL

1:30-3:00 Negotiating Street Harassment in Morocco, Farah

3:00-3:45 Introducing Bargaining and info Fair assignments, Nabil

3:45-6:30 Time for Information Fair assignments and bargaining

6:30-7:30 Dinner at CCCL

First of all, uploading this has been ridiculous.  It is 1:30am here, and the internet or interweb (French everywhere, super confusing) does not work, but for some reason Skype does, so I am skyping myself my blog entry and uploading it…. ridiculous if I do say so.  And show dedication fo sho.
Also I took my first pictures today, I will only try to upload one since it takes forever with this weird French computer.
Today has been significantly the best day so far.  Mainly because I was feeling much better and we got to explore the city a bit.
I really enjoyed our Moroccan History lecture.  Our Professor’s name was Lahcen Haddad and opened his lecture with the limitations of said lecture.  He spoke of how it was Arab centric and that it conveyed history from the point of view of “the powerful” and was simplified in terms of only listing events.  I found this introduction as valuable as the history he conveyed.  I really like to find professors that can not only talk about their shortcomings, but acknowledge that history often ignores many and is of the dominant societal or cultural perspective and voice.  Not to mention the fact that Moroccan history is truly interesting.

The discussion of street harassment was also very enlightening.  It was really good to hear the cultural explanations for something that is often so foreign and disconcerting for American/ foreign women.  For some reason this has never really bothered me, especially after the discussion today.  Of course, if I ever felt uncomfortable or like I was in danger I am sure it would bother me and I would take action.  But I have yet to feel this way.
Actually something kind of funny keeps happening to me on the street (and I guess will continue to do so since this is my first day really interacting on the street).  So we had this bargaining assignment today.  The program gave us 10 dirhams each to go and see all that we could buy.  I didn’t actually find anything I wanted/needed, but the experience was great.  I actually got to walk around, bargain, and see the medina.  But today I was mistaken for a Norwegian and another asked if I was Polish.  It seems none of the Moroccans think I am American.  LOL, I suppose this is a good thing, but many keep thinking I am of East European or of Slavic origins.  I don’t know why this tickles me so much, but maybe I should start pretending I am from there for giggles.  I don’t know yet.  Either way, super funny and super fun in general.
Becca and I started out during this bargaining assignment and were later joined by Jesse (sp?).  We met Hassan in the medina and Alee (sp?, pretty sure I misspelled that but I know I could spell it in Arabic!).  Alee was a Fulbright student in New York and speaks English very well.  Hassan speaks French and only darija I believe.  Either way, I can’t really understand a word of what he says.  I really hope I get better at Arabic, or at least pick up some darija soon.  We have a “survival Arabic” session tomorrow, so I hope that helps!!
Oh and I was placed in the highest level of Arabic offered at CCCL, so that’s good.  I think.
We also have another assignment called the Info Fair.  Becca and I, as well as a student named Anthony are in a group to find out info about the bars and nightclubs.  That is how Becca and I really got to know Hassan and Alee by asking them about it.  Apparently a bottle (we think of wine) costs 700 dirhams and a regular drink costs 50 dirhams (like 7ish American dollars).  But this is at the “clean places”.  There are no cover charges for the clubs.  Tonight we are going to check out the disco tech night club called L’Amnesia.  Alee told us that males and females go and that they are nice places, except for when there are fights.  This apparently is kind of common.  We will try to avoid the fights.  I am starting to feel if I am going to do anything “nightlife” oriented I am going to have to do it before this Friday when we join our homestay.  Apparently they are quite protective and I don’t know if I will be able to go out.  We shall see, we shall see…..
Update:  We went to a coffee shop which was fun, and then took a taxi to L’Amnesia.  It was pretty sketchy outside so we were kinda worried about getting out of the cab (no real marker for the club outside).  So we waited for our other friends to arrive in their taxi before we got out.  Then we found out that the club doesn’t open until 12:30am…. So we got in a taxi and headed home.  The plan is to go tomorrow… if we aren’t too tired.  Given how late we were up tonight?? And given the Who knows… but I hope so…

WE shall see….

I have an early day tomorrow (or well, today) and I am still up…. so……
Maa salama world.  For Realz.  Peace.


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