“Do you have the time, to listen to me whine, about nothing and everything all at once…”

I have yet to figure out the postal system here…. but here is my address in the chance that you want it.

c/o Center for Cross-Cultural Learning
P.O. Box 6291
Rabat Instituts
Rabat, 10101

Arabic class = major fail.  I don’t think I’ve ever used that expression before…. but if ever in the history of that expression being applicable…. it is now.  I think the problem is that I tested in too high… especially considering that in class we are starting in book 2 and I am not even finished with book 1.  But after a week (and a day) of being frustrated to tears… I think I am going to ask to be placed in a lower level… the level I should actually be in.  The first time I’ve ever scored higher on a test than I should…. and it has really been to my detriment.  But hopefully, I will be able to reify this.

Time is passing incredibly quickly… but sometimes is just seems sooo slow.  Vague, but exactly how I am feeling at this moment.

I spent the weekend in Rabat, and am really glad I did instead of traveling.  I need to get on my honors thesis stuff more intently (so hard to do here!…. lack of technology, who knew ;)) and well… the weekend was just relaxing.

I spent the majority of Sunday at the beach.  I’ve found two other uses (other than the beauty and salty breeze) to justify my obsession with the beach in Rabat:  Exercise and contemplation.  In Morocco, from the excessive mental stimulation (I think) my dreams are sooooo vivid.  But the downside of that is that the nightmares are especially horrible.  The dreams are great, but the nightmares are worse.  Apparently I often dream about what is most often on my mind during the day and/or the last thing I think of before I sleep.  Saturday night I had been thinking of a great friend I had not heard from in a few days, am worried about, and miss very much…. And had some of the worst dreams I’ve ever had.  So when I got up, I was still upset because I remembered the dreams so clearly.  I wanted to clear my head so I decided to take a run down to the beach.  I wanted to be alone to settle my thoughts… but of course no one can do anything in Morocco alone so, of course, my little brother decided he wanted to go with me.

So of course (once again) I couldn’t say no.  He’s not the best runner, but we ended up playing for a couple of hours down on the beach.  It is funny how we can communicate with limited words.  So now I think I’ll do all of my exercising down at the beach.  Later, after I brought my host brother back home I went down to the beach to sit on the rocks to think and sort things out.  I wish I could explain this place.  I’ll try to add some pictures from my first time going there…, but it still will not be able to express how I feel about this particular place.  But I am grateful for this place to think.  To think about the future, the past, my feelings, the choices I’ve made, and the choices I will need to make.  Who I want to be, who I am, and what direction I feel like I should be going… or not going.  I find myself, not conflicted and not really confused… just exploring, considering, regretting, accepting.  Either way, I’m glad that I’ve found a place so beautiful that encourages this type of reflection…. And is a place for fun, and happiness.  Life.  Life is good.

I am really grateful for friends today.  Friends here, and especially (especially times a million) my friends back home.  One of my best friends in the world, before I left for Morocco, gave me a packet of letters to open at certain times… like when I am sad, or need a laugh, or miss her, etc.  I’ve been waiting to open them, but today I opened the one labeled “Miss me…”.  And I laughed for a really long time.  It was exactly what I needed.  And today I also got to gchat (god bless gchat) with a friend who I’ve not been able to talk with really since I left.  Friends, you know who you are.  Thanks for being there… I really needed it, today being my second truly bad day in Morocco.

Oh, so something happy.  So I’ve been to three separate cafés (so far) and ordered the same thing.  Omelet au fromage + frites.  In each place I’ve received this order completely different.  The fries are usually the same-ish…. Some skinny, some fat, you know, fries.  But one place gave me just the omelet (and cheese) on a plate.  The other gave it to me on a Panini with sauce tomatoes and lettuces (along with a salad, rice, and noodles).  The last place gave it to me on a baguette with a pickle, lettuce, and tomatoes on the side.  And every place costs the same.  LOL.  I really like it.  Something about this (I think my favorite order) not being commercialized and totally unique at each place… each with its own flavor (pun (or fun) intended).  Also I am thinking I need more protein, because I am craving eggs like crazy.  Even right now.

Okay on to homework, and then I think I might just go get some eggs… maybe I’ll try a new café and see what surprise I get ; ).

I love you.  Yes, especially you.

Goodnight world.


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